Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Penny Knight Band is one of four bands appearing at the, over 20 years in the making, BLOTTO RECORDS REUNION SHOW on Sunday, July 17, 2011 at Central Park's Music Haven Stage in Schenectady NY.

The veritable BLOTTOPALOOZA features BLOTTO!, The Sharks, The Amazing Rob and John Band and Penny Knight Band ... silly haircuts, parachute pants and/or legwarmers are optional for this "once in a lifetime show".

Violently (or gently...your choice) click the F. Lee Harvey Blotto head (to the left) to see him leak this to the press via the Glenn Slingerland Situation TV series
MAKE NO VACATION PLANS OUT OF THE AREA! We will be returning for our 1st annual SUMMER GIG WEEK (July 10-17, 2011), playing gigs throughout he Cap Dist and ending the week with the BLOTTO RECORDS Reunion show in Central Park 
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THEN, and only then, should you think about feeding the children and pets in your general vicinity.


Rick said...

You say Summer Shows (plural), and "Gig Week". Are there more local dates?

Penny Knight Band said...

@Rick ...Yes, tentative but to be announced as soon as they are finalized