Thursday, August 20, 2015

ROSTER ADDITIONS: Welcome Aboard, Boys!

We'd like to welcome two old friends as the newest members of the Penny Knight Collective ...

Dan Barnum (keys/vocals): Dan goes way back with many of us, musically ... founding member of Kashmir (1978-1980) and EQ member (1980). Dan has also played with Akaysha, Drama, Drakkar, RockProject and a few other bands through the mid 1990s, at which point, he "retired" from music.

The decision to do a Kashmir Reunion was the catalyst to Dan joining PKB. Glad to have him in the fold again! (Photo courtesy of Art Parisi)

Matt Spataro (guitar): Matt, also a former member of Akaysha and Drama, is a high school bud of PKB member, Richard Parks. They dedicated their teen years to copping Wishbone Ash, Allman Brothers and YES licks together.

Matt has also been thrust back into musical performance, after a retirement of 25+ years, and we're damned happy he's succumbed to the pressure we've applied to coerce him into joining us!
(Photo courtesy of Daphne Spataro)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween from PKB

A Party ... PKB Rehearsal Hall ... high atop Jay St., Schenectady NY ... early 1980's

Dave "Shithead" Buda, Nurse "TJ"

30 Years Ago ... PKB @ SKYWAY (Glenville, NY)

L to R - Richard Parks, Penny Knight, Tony Jones, Marty Fornal (Hovering)

Thursday, August 16, 2012


At our most recent gig, "Here's Penny, doing the weather"  -TJ
(Matt Visscher, our favorite TV Meteorologist, did the band intro for all of our gigs
during "Holy Gig Week,  Spring 2012" )

Here it is ... at no cost to you ... a donation to the musical world ... MY TIME TESTED BAND ALGORITHM:

1 guitar = pop, progressive, funk, jazz
2 guitar = rock, hard rock, metal, punk, Lithuanian funk
3 guitar = country, country rock, technically amazing guys just showin' off
4 guitar = band longevity rarely above 8 minutes

- TJ

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mark Fitzgerald ROCKS!

TJ's sarcastic (is that redundant?) pictorial tribute (NO, Mark's not dead yet) to our long time friend, part-time band photographer and creator of the only Penny Knight Band "Title Shot" / EQ "Giving Up The Energy" CD in existence ...

View from the scope of the back-door neighbor's 
newly purchased sniper rifle.

Mark later gained musical notoriety by playing drums in a William Devane/Bobby Kennedy/Vince VanPatten Tribute Band ... and in the world of TV, playing "the alternate caucasian" in the "The White Shadow".

"It's absolutely in our best interest to pay attention in school"

Monday, May 7, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012


PRESENTING EITHER of the cards below on 

Saturday, May 5, 2012 @ 6pm (or later) 
at the PENNY KNIGHT BAND Merch Table 

(housed at the JB Scott's Reunion Show at Michael's Banquet House on 1019 New Loudon Rd in
 Cohoes and/or Latham(s) NY ... actually no one's really sure what town that address falls in) ...

 ... will get you your choice of either piece of vinyl history below
(while supplies last)

- OR -

...and now, a word from our manager ...

"As I demonstrate to you in my photo above, please remember this is a 21+ age show. 
Doors Open at 6 PM (PKB hits the stage at 6:15)


Hey ... all the cool kids are doing it !

NOTES: There are many in the Capital District too young to realize what an IMPORTANT VENUE JB SCOTT's was ... click below to get up to speed on things ... 

PKB's JB SCOTT'S HISTORY: We played JB Scott's and JB's Theatre throughout our entire Capital District history

as "Kashmir" w/Tony and Richard
as "EQ" w/Tony, Richard, Penny and Tony "The Wease" Genevive
as "Penny Knight Band" w/Bob, Tony, Richard and Penny

Fun Fact

In 1980, Penny beat the living hell out of a JB Scott's bouncer, after he made fun of the EQ penned song "Peter Is A Slut", dousing his hair with lighter fluid then using him to set fire to his OWN CAR after one of EQ 's shows at JB Scott's.

(nah, not really true, but fact #1 seemed so lame that we felt an urgent need to come up with something that sounded really cool).