Sunday, May 29, 2011

Former Bandmates Check In ... Carol Pasco (1st in a Series)

This comes to us from Carol Pasco, a former band-mate of ours (Bob "Buck The Kid" Boyer and TJ) in the 1976 band "Hot Fun", the unofficial house band at Salty's Pub in Halfmoon NY ...
"Tony was my BFF but Bob was my guardian angel. He quite possibly saved my life one night when we had a gig and I got what was my first (unfortunately not my last) migraine. Being young and stupid, I took approximately 15 or more aspirin and then drank about three mixed drinks trying to kill the blinding pain. I blacked out and Bob took me to his home and held my head while I wretched in the toilet (I remember nothing of this he told me later) and cleaned up after me no less. I could have landed in the hospital or worse. I will never forget what he did for me that night. He's my angel alright!"

TJ's REPLY:  "Carol, since you have no recollection of what transpired that evening, let me fill in the missing pieces for you ... here's how it really played out ...

That night, after the gig, Bob actually took you to Denny's on Wolf Road where, coincidentally, he was living and plotting the overthrow of the Amsterdam town council by utilizing some undercover Perthian AND Hagamanian operatives as pawns in his play for power. So, he didn't technically lie about taking you to his home ... but that's the only thing he didn't lie about.

Once there, he centered you in the large floor to ceiling front window and stuck straws in your nose, mouth, hair and ears while you were unconscious. I think that was the same night the Honorable Mayor Erastus Corning was spotted having breakfast there with Doug Williams (principal of Lafollette Hall, Shaker High School), but I digress.

You also may not be clear on the wretching into the toilet part because I seem to remember Denny's coming out with the new "Grand Slam Breakfast" menu item, shortly thereafter. Denny's management apparently adheres to the "power of suggestion" philosophy and may actually owe you some money as a "marketing consultant". Please follow up on that and keep me posted ...

If memory serves, there was also black magic marker involved so no, that was not your mascara running. The head holding story that Bob told you was an idea forged at an emergency band meeting that was called shortly after you blacked out.

But, I haven't scanned my Hot Fun photos yet ... so my memory may be inaccurate ... or I may have just misplaced the last piece of sanity I have been clinging to for the last 10 years.  Thanks for posting the memories!

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