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Genres: Rock / Lithuanian Funk / Fusion Gumbo (our favorite ... many thanks to music critic Donald Wilcock for that one). 

Artist Bio:

1983-1985: Popular Upstate NY cover band mixing in a few original tunes ...
2009-Present: Original music. We're older now and play less notes. It's better that way. Miles Davis thought so, but he's dead ... so where does that leave us?
Artists We Also Like: Anyone who will book us as a warm-up act. NOTE TO EGO-LADEN BANDS: We're old and like to get home early, so we are absolutely no threat to your artistic dominance.
Biography: Together again and, more importantly, on speaking terms, after 25 years! Playing our unique original music, both electrically and in a mind-numbingly unplugged, acoustic - coffeehouse - hootenannyesque fashion.

We are geographically strewn about the US (KS, NY, MA and CT) and currently arrange for two, count 'em, 2 "HOLY GIG WEEKS" per year, where we get together and play live shows ... attempting, in vain, to relive our youth. In between, through the magic of the interwebs, we continue to write new music ... mostly because we forget the old music.
Band Lineup:

In addition to Penny Knight (Vocals/Drums), Richard Parks (Guitar/Vocals) and Tony "TJ" Jones (Bass/Vocals) ...

We've added Bob "Buck The Kid" Boyer (a member during the final days of the band in 1984 and a former member, along with TJ, of "Hot Fun" in 1976 and long-time member of VT band Glass Mountain and current member of New York Players ).

Also "new" to the lineup is Tony "The Wease" Genevive (using "new" loosely ... he played drums and marimba on a few cuts and did a vocal duet with Penny on the 1981 EQ LP). A two time tornado survivor living in West Springfield MA, but originally hailing from the Albia section of Troy, Wease was the drummer in the Capital District jazz-rock fusion band "Suntreader", one of our favorite Capital District bands. Also, he was the long-time drummer for CT favorites "The Regulars", Boston faves "Laquidara" and was the other half of the "1981 NY Rhythm Section Mistake", along with TJ, of the Boston Metro-West area veterans, Circus.

Unfortunately, it appears Marty Fornal has chosen not to partake, as he has not responded to our many pleas over the past year. He may end up being proven the smartest of us all ...