Wednesday, February 15, 2012

JB Scott's and Demi Moore

It's the afternoon of May 5, 2012 ... the PKB BUS is honking the horn at your curb/driveway: This is a unique opportunity to do something OUTSIDE of your house and/or your property lines ... ya know, besides your normal social activity of a couple of DMDW* followed by a confusing round of frisbee golf.

DMDW* = Demi Moore Designer Whippets

Come see the opening "attempt at stardom" of the Penny Knight Band 2012 semi-annual "Holy Gig Week" ... BE THERE WHEN THE DOORS OPEN at 6:00pm because we have requested to go on early so we can be home by 9:00, in order to watch COUGARTOWN. Also, we have not seen each other/played/stayed up past the 7pm Seinfeld reruns since the Blotto Records Reunion so we need to pace ourselves for the following week (May 6-12) of gigs in the Cap District.

Get Your tickets here ... STAY UP LATE then continue to BORE THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOUR KIDS WITH MORE "When I Was Your Age" STORIES!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tickets! Tickets! ...We Have A Ticket Here!

GOOD NEWS ... Tix are still available!

We Have JUST UNO Ticket (That's ONE, for those of you living in English speaking countries, you know, like the US used to be) LEFT Available For The May 5 Show ...

MANY THANKS to those who have purchased them here