Sunday, January 29, 2012

PKB Semi-Annual "Holy Gig Week" Announced

It's Official!  J.B. Scott's Reunion Kicks off our next 
Semi-Annual "Holy Gig Week" May 5 - May 12, 2012 

A couple of fun facts come with our next announcement that The Penny Knight Band will be performing at The J.B. Scott's Reunion on May 5, 2012 @ Michael's Banquet House, Latham NY (6pm-Midnight)

Fact #1:
We played JB Scott's and JB's Theatre throughout our entire Capital District history:
  • as "Kashmir" w/Tony and Richard
  • as "EQ" w/Tony, Richard, Penny and Tony "The Wease" Genevive
  • as "Penny Knight Band" w/Bob, Tony, Richard and Penny

Fact #2:
Penny beat the hell out of a JBS bouncer, doused his hair with lighter fluid then used him to set fire to his own car after one of their shows. (nah, not really true, but fact #1 seemed so lame that we felt an urgent need to come up with something that sounded cool).

See you there !