Friday, July 16, 2010

It's FFF ! (Friday Facebook Fight)

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 30: Carlos Jerez of Argentina throws a punch at Anthony Mundine of Australia during their WBA International junior middleweight fight at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on June 30, 2010 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

A totally irrelevant post - unrelated to Penny Knight Band and it's proceedings ...
Thought you may be interested in a typical attempt at humor of mine that went BAD WRONG ...

I responded to a Facebook post of an event added by a local Capital District (NY) Arts reporter/blogger and that elicited a "less than warm response" from another follower of his ... a transcript of the written altercation follows ... Much love and no offense, Tony J:

Thom O'Connor
(original posting about an event with 5 bands and a pig roast):‎5 Bands and a Pig next Saturday afternoon, 24th

Tony Jones (my response):‎"5 Bands and a Pig" . I was initially confused ... thought it was a novel about an old girlfriend of mine.

Peter Vincent Liporace (obvious Tony Jones fan):ouch... sexist...
Peter Vincent Liporace (more TJ Love):portraying any woman in that light perpetuates long standing gender inequality... choose your words wisely...

Tony Jones:
PVL - Apologies. It's called comedy ... I meant no harm to your or anyone else's sensibilities. My mother is, in fact, a female and I love her and consider her equal to, if not superior to, my father.

Were I not a raging heterosexual, I would have said it reminded me of an old boyfriend, but I have no expertise in that area.

Tony Jones:
I, too, have been oppressed ... by those who lack a thick skin and a modicum of humor. EVERYONE in this country needs to lighten up. If that happens, I promise you a better world ahead.

I will now retire to my chamber of self-loathing and doubt. But let me pass along these final words ... I have always firmly believed that the female gender is the stronger of the two .... in countless ways.

There, I said it! Now I'll expect a beating from all men's rights activists on FB....

Tony Jones:
Thom, my sincere apologies for turning your non-controversial post into a philosophical bloodbath.

Thom O'Connor:Hey! That's what pigs and facebook are for. And I have enjoyed...

Tony Jones:Much appreciated, Thom. And many thanks for the opportunity to enjoy a cheap adrenaline rush!

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