Wednesday, February 15, 2012

JB Scott's and Demi Moore

It's the afternoon of May 5, 2012 ... the PKB BUS is honking the horn at your curb/driveway: This is a unique opportunity to do something OUTSIDE of your house and/or your property lines ... ya know, besides your normal social activity of a couple of DMDW* followed by a confusing round of frisbee golf.

DMDW* = Demi Moore Designer Whippets

Come see the opening "attempt at stardom" of the Penny Knight Band 2012 semi-annual "Holy Gig Week" ... BE THERE WHEN THE DOORS OPEN at 6:00pm because we have requested to go on early so we can be home by 9:00, in order to watch COUGARTOWN. Also, we have not seen each other/played/stayed up past the 7pm Seinfeld reruns since the Blotto Records Reunion so we need to pace ourselves for the following week (May 6-12) of gigs in the Cap District.

Get Your tickets here ... STAY UP LATE then continue to BORE THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOUR KIDS WITH MORE "When I Was Your Age" STORIES!

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